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Journey into the Heart of Amie -the company owner of Amazingly Yours Events. The place where childhood dreams take flight into amazing parties.

Why our parties’ experience is extra special.

Welcome to Amazingly Yours Events, run by Amie in Bristol. We help create a sanctuary of joyful moments and cherished memories for children’s birthday parties and similar. Our passion is curating delightful and unique events, primarily for children aged 1-3 years.

From small birthday parties to meaningful naming ceremony parties or entertainment at a wedding – our party services are personalised to create unforgettable experiences.

With a blend of creativity, meticulous planning, and a wide range of bespoke soft play equipment and party supplies, we help transform your child’s special day into a moment of pure magic.

At its core, our mission is to bring joy to the little ones and their families, creating lasting memories that you can carry forward for years.

Amie at Amazingly Yours Events in Bristol. Bespoke Childrens Birthday parties
About Amie

Imagining the perfect party

Amie’s journey into the world of children’s event planning is as unique as the parties she creates.

As a seasoned nursery practitioner who loves working with small people, she always has a knack for sparking joy in children and engaging them in creative, playful experiences. However, she felt something was missing — a platform providing bespoke, memorable events for the youngest children.

So, with a heart full of passion and a head full of ideas, Amie started Amazingly Yours Events. This company is a test of her grit and determination. Every step is challenging, from finding the perfect suppliers to crafting the bespoke soft play equipment.

Yet Amie, with her relentless spirit with a labour of love, overcomes each hurdle, fueled by the vision of seeing children’s faces light up with delight at their perfect party.

Our Core Values

At Amazingly Yours Events, our core values form the foundation of our work and guide us in creating memorable children’s party experiences.


We believe in the power of imagination. Every event we plan is infused with creativity, making each one as unique and special as the child it celebrates.


Childhood is a time of joy and wonder; we aim to capture that in our events. We create joyful, playful environments that allow children to explore, laugh, and have fun.


The safety of your little ones is our highest priority. All our equipment and supplies are thoroughly checked and maintained to meet the highest safety standards.


We know every child is unique and believe their parties should be too. We take the time to understand your child’s interests and preferences, tailoring each event to their individual personality.


We are committed to providing high-quality services. From our bespoke soft play equipment to our meticulous event planning, we strive for excellence in everything we do.


While our events are designed for children, we understand the importance of sophistication and elegance. We ensure that our events are not only fun and engaging for the children but also aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable for the adults.

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